My teaching philosophy is built around the same core values that are at the center of all my scholarship and service work: preparation, reflection, risk-taking, and community.

The scholars who first instilled in me a fascination with language were all talented educators, and I have come to know firsthand the invigoration and deepened intellectual curiosity that comes from teaching. Having thoroughly enjoyed serving as a volunteer teaching assistant and language tutor during my MA/BA at the University of Georgia, I was thrilled that pursuing my doctorate at the University of Michigan would give me the opportunity to share knowledge with students of my own. While there, I completed a Graduate Teacher Certificate and was honored to receive my department's 2019-2020 undergraduate teaching award. Now that I've joined the USC faculty, I'm expanding my repetoire to include courses centered on language contact, Creole languages, and African American English

Creole & Pidgin Languages, USC, Spring 2023

African American English, USC, Spring 2023

Language Conact Phenomena, USC, Fall 2022

Writing and Academic Inquiry, UM, Winter 2020

Writing and Academic Inquiry, UM, Fall 2019 

Introduction to Linguistic Analysis, UM, Winter 2019

Introduction to Syntax (Upper Level Writing), UM, Fall 2018

Language in a Multicultural World, UM, Sept 12, 2019

Accelerated Elementary Spanish, UGA, Summer 2016

Introduction to Spanish Linguistics, UGA, Summer 2016

Fall 2023 class...

African American English (Honors)